The Fundamentals Of Real-world Strategies Of Dinners

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We have pizza keychains, wear shirts decorated with the words “Carb Cutter” paired with a photo of a pizza cutter, and even dress up like the slice-stealing pizza rat for Halloween. We love, cherish, and eat so much pizza, in fact, that the USDA even considers pizza to be a vegetable . (Well, that is, only if it has at least two tablespoons of tomato paste.) But, when you look past the obsession, there are some unsatisfying qualities of the cheesy, carb-filled food: Its not very filling, the crust is often as neglected as that treadmill sitting in your basement, and theres never enough room for toppings. If you feel plagued by any the above, it’s time to try a new form. This may come as a surprise, but deep dish is more than just regular pizza with a thicker dough. It takes the main ingredients (dough, sauce, and cheese) and elevates them to a meal that some might say isnt pizza anymore at all, but a dish sent down from the heavens. While everyone has their own preferences, we compiled eight reasons deep dish knocks thin crust out of the park. And if we couldnt sway you from your slim crust ways, you wont want to miss our exclusive report of the 25 Best and Worst Frozen Pizzas 1. It’s More Filling View photos Stomachs, rest assured!